Sophio Japaridze

Sophio Japaridze

Member of the Board of Directors

Sophio Japaridze serves as an Executive Director of GLA. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering and Master’s degree in Logistics from the Georgian Technical University.

Sophio has over 15 years’ experience in software project management and business process optimization. From 2007 to 2020 she was a co-founder and Managing Director of 42 Gradusi- one of the leading digital marketing and web development company in Georgia.

In recent years, she participated in more than 35 projects including software development, ERP and warehouse management system (WMS) integration and strategic business development. She also took place in development of various freight transportation marketplaces and has a deep understanding of technical and functional development of web and mobile applications in transport and logistics.

Since 2014, Sophia is actively involved in the strategic consulting including logistical process optimization and IT integration. She has managed various project in sphere of the capacity building and educational management in logistics.