Our Services


GLA network includes local and international experts, company top managers, representatives of academic institutions and policy makers in logistics and supply chain industry.

GLA organises the following networking events:




Events which bring together the local and international logistics and supply chain managers as well as industry stakeholders for learning and knowledge-sharing on current challenges and solutions in the industry. The workshop program and topics are selected by the GLA member organizations.


Logistics Day


An annual international event with a strong emphasis on networking with peers, that brings together key industry leaders and policy makers to discuss trends and developments in the logistics and supply chain industry, sharing details of new innovations and strategies to improve the logistics ecosystem. Logistics Day is an unmissable opportunity for logistics and supply chain industry professionals to address a range of business challenges as well as exchange viewpoints and socialise with peers.


GLA offers trainings for professionals, newcomers and students in the following areas:


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Demand planning and inventory management 
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Supply Chain performance measurement


Trainings include short and medium-term courses which include theoretical and practical components. After the successful completion of training courses participants obtain the GLA Certificate.


On behalf of companies, GLA provides also the corporative trainings/couching which are tailored to the needs of customers. They provide practical tools and solutions to address the challenges companies are facing. Corporate trainings support our customers in the optimisation of logistical processes, reduction of logistics costs and improvement of competitiveness.

Capacity Building

GLA tackles fundamental social-economic development challenges caused by underdeveloped infrastructure, lack of skills and knowledge and inefficient management. We work with a wide range of clients, international donors, public organizations and private companies.

GLA has years of experience in the educational management and capacity building. Since 2011, in cooperation with international organizations and donors, we implemented number of higher educational programs and certification training courses in transportation and logistics in South Caucasus and Central Asian region.

GLA also provides capacity building in the public as well as private organizations in following areas:


  • Restructuration of companies and organizations
  • Business process engineering
  • Strategic market positioning
  • Change management
  • Management couching
  • Trainings of trainers and personnel