Supply Chain Due Diligence and Development of High Rack Warehouse

Supply Chain Due Diligence and Development of High Rack Warehouse

Logistics and Management Consulting


IDS Borjomi Georgia is the largest exporter of mineral waters in the country. After the oppening the Russian market in 2012, the company has increased its production capacity significantly which emerged the challenges in the supply chain in terms of material resource, warehousing and distribution. GLA has supported IDS Borjomi to develop adequate supply chain to adress the challanges and improve efficiency of logistics operations.


Our Service:

  • Deep dive into the existing business processes to identify problems and possible solutions
  • Provide changes in the business processes and discussing them with the customer
  • Develop Standard Operations Procedures (SOP) for material supply and warehouse management based on changed business processes
  • Develop an organizational structure of the new Supply Chain Department integrating demand planning, purchasing, production, distribution
  • Provide location analysis for development of new warehouse
  • Develop high rack warehouse plan based on best practice of Carlsberg Germany
  • Provide recommendation on improvement of efficiency in distribution, due diligence of transport operation rail wagons vs. container shipment
  • Develop 3 years action plan and define KPIs for monitoring its implementation
  • Provide couching to IDS’s top-managers in to the implementation of action plan and integration of KPI system