Strategic Evaluation of Industrial Assets

Strategic Evaluation of Industrial Assets

Logistics and Management Consulting


The main goal of the project was to evaluate future perspectives of selected industrial assets owned by SOCAR and provide strategic recommendations to develop optimal business model to increase financial benefits. To reach this goal, GLA has elaborated on the following questions in the assignment:

  • What is a current value of the assets taking into consideration future development of industrial real estate?
  • What would be the right profile/functionality of the sites/assets to take maximum financial advantage for their rent and/or operation?
  • What would be the right business and/or partnership models to leverage investments and increase profit?


Our service:

  • Fair and independent evaluation of the market price and sales price of the industrial assets
  • Development three different scenarios including sale or lease, develop and operate, develop and lease models
  • Definition of facility functionalities and capacities based on develop and operate model
  • Calculation of necessary project investment/funding needs (CAPEX)
  • Calculation of operating expenses (OPEX)
  • Development of capital structure and financing model

Development of financial model- rent vs operate including cash flow plan, estimated operational P&L table, return on investment analyses